The Pennsylvania Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf


Sponsor Initiated Activities

Sponsor Initiated activities are developed by PARID, a PARID District, or another organization that is working with PARID to approve the CEUs.

CMP Coordinator

Interim: Cindi Brown, CI, CT

Submit the following completed paperwork to the PARID CMP Coordinator at least 45 days prior to the start of the event:

  1. Completed Instructor Form
  2. Completed Sponsor Form
  3. Promotional Materials (Event Flyer and Registration Form) – must include the following items:
  4. RID CMP and/or ACET logos
  5. Knowledge Level
  6. Content Area
  7. This statement “PARID is approved by the RID CMP to sponsor continuing education activities. This program is offered for [# of CEUs] CEUs in [Content Area]. Participants should have [Knowledge Level] knowledge of the topic.”
  8. Information on the educational objectives of the activity.
  9. Target audience as described in the continuing education activity plan (Instructor Form)
  10. Cancellation policy or contact information to get the cancellation policy
  11. Refund policy or contact information to get the refund policy
  12. Solicitation for reasonable accommodations or contact information to request a reasonable accommodation.
Submit the following completed paperwork within 30 days of the conclusion of the event:
  1. Activity report form
  2. Participant evaluation forms
  3. Evaluation summary form
  4. Copy of all handouts and powerpoint presentations used
  5. Copy of the agenda for the event
Documents for Sponsors:

Instructor Form
Sponsor Form
Promotional Materials Check List

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