The Pennsylvania Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf


Locating and Hiring a Sign Language Interpreter in Pennsylvania

PARID is a non-profit organization.  PARID provides professional development services, legislative lobbying services, and information to the membership as a whole.  PARID is not a sign language interpreter referral service.  Therefore, PARID does not recommend individual interpreters or interpreting referral agencies for assignments.  The following interpreting referral agencies are organizational members of PARID.

All Hands Interpreting Services

ASL Services

Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living

Sign Language Specialists of Western Pennsylvania

Sorenson VRS 

There is no state agency that coordinates sign language interpreting services for the entire state. However, the Pennsylvania Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH) does maintain a list of all interpreters who are registered to work in Pennsylvania in accordance with the Sign Language Interpreter and Transliterator State Registration Act. ODHH also hosts a resource page that lists interpreter referral agencies in the state.

The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf also maintains a membership database of interpreters and referral agencies on its website.

Using a Sign Language Interpreter

Professional sign language interpreters are skilled at analyzing the surroundings and ensuring successful communication can occur. The interpreter will convey the signed message into a spoken language and the spoken message into a signed language. In a setting with few participants, the interpreter will stand or sit close by the primary speaker. In larger settings, there are many variables in play, and the interpreter will apprise the situation to ensure both hearing and deaf consumers' needs are met. If you have any concerns or questions consult the interpreter for clarification. For assignments that last over two hours, or that have challenging material, two or more interpreters may be necessary. For more detailed explanations you may wish to access the websites listed below.

Additionally, RID offers publications, called Standard Practice Papers, on a number of topics regarding interpreting. They can be downloaded here.

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