The Pennsylvania Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf


Interpreter CEU Processing: Professional certified interpreters are required to earn 80 hours of training every four years and the training is documented using Continuing Education Units or CEUs.

Content Areas

Professional Studies - A minimum of 6.0 CEUs (60 contact hours) must be related to: 

  • Linguistic and cultural studies which include the study of any language or linguistic system, and the study of any specific culture. 
  • Theoretical and experiential studies which include the process of interpreting and transliterating theory and skill building activities. 
  • Specialization studies which include specialized aspects of interpreting used in settings such as the legal, medical, mental health, and substance abuse recovery fields. 

General Studies – There is no general studies (GS) requirement, however only 2.0 CEUs (20 contact hours) can count toward certification maintenance.  This content area includes: 

  • Human service and leadership studies which include topics such as leadership skills, public relations, public speaking and community resources. 
  • General knowledge studies which include areas less obviously related to the field of interpreting and transliteration but are educationally beneficial to the participant.

PARID has three members who coordinate our CEU programs:

Interim: Megan Toomey  (Sponsor Initiated Activities & PINRAs) 

Amanda Moyer (Academic Coursework & Independent Studies)

Sandy Robinson (SWAP program coordinated through Signs of Development) 717-799-3791

Activities that PARID is approved to sponsor:  Click on each option to see the CMP Coordinator contact information, necessary paperwork, and the timelines for submission for each type of activity.

Sponsor Initiated activities are developed by PARID, a PARID District, or another organization/agency that is working with PARID to approve the CEUs.

PINRA (Participant Initiated Non-RID Activity) activities include activities that an interpreter/transliterator wishes to attend but which are not pre-approved to award CEUs for attendance.  The activity must have specific known standards, a documented format, educational objectives, and purpose. .

Academic Coursework - CEUs may be awarded for coursework for college credit taken at an accredited institution during the participant’s current CMP cycle.  This accreditation must be recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).  Successful completion is defined as receiving a minimum letter grade of “C” (2.0) or above.

Independent Study- The independent study is designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals who desire an alternative to traditional instructional activities.  Independent study guidelines are provided by RID to sponsors.  With guidance from a sponsor, participants can undertake a self-designed educational experience for the enhancement of skills and knowledge in a specific area.   Under the direction of a sponsor, individuals may design an independent study activity around many of their professional activities. However, independent study credit may not come from participants’ routine employment responsibilities.

The SWAP Program - CEUs are awarded from Signs of Development, an RID approved sponsor, not PARID.

SWAP Program - PARID has a library of WWWorkshops, from Signs of Development for our members to use. This library now offers OVER 18 CEUs – more than enough for 2 RID CMP cycles! These workshops are completed online.

Fees for PARID to sponsor CEUs

  • PARID provides complimentary CEU processing for members (sponsor initiated workshops, PINRA, academic coursework, independent study).  
  • PARID provides complimentary CEU processing for PaTTAN and PA-ASLTA events when CEU processing is requested by the event coordinator.
  • PARID charges a $10 fee per event/form to non-member individuals and organizations to process CEUs.
  • PARID does not process independent study CEUs for non-members.

Submission of Documentation

Documents must be completed and submitted following the times listed for each activity as the approved sponsor has a timeline that must be followed to complete and submit the paperwork to RID.  RID posts activities on transcripts as soon as it is available.  Allow at least 90 days for the paperwork to be completed and CEUs to appear on your transcript.  If it has been more than 90 days since an event and the CEUs are not on your transcript, contact the CMP Coordinator.

PARID is approved by the RID CMP to sponsor Continuing Education Activities.  PARID pays an annual fee to RID for the opportunity to sponsor activities.  RID has very strict requirements that all approved sponsors must follow when approving activities for CEUs.  RID conducts an extensive audit of each approved sponsor every three years.  As a part of this audit process, PARID must submit to the RID Professional Development Committee the paperwork for several activities (sponsor initiated, PINRA, academic coursework, and independent study) that RID randomly selects.   PARID must also complete and submit an in-depth self-evaluation questionnaire.  The RID Professional Development Committee spends several hours reviewing all of the submitted documentation.  Then the RID Professional Development Committee determines if the approved sponsor meets the criteria to continue sponsoring activities.  RID publishes the Standards & Criteria for approved sponsors.  PARID must follow the requirements listed in this publication in order to keep its approved sponsor status.

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